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Pedro Fernandez

City Council of Madrid

Head of Department for International Mobility Projects


Pedro Fernandez is a Civil Engineer, with a Master's in Construction and Transportation. He has been a member of the National Corps of State Engineers for more than ten years. He is Head of the Department of International Mobility and Environment Projects in the corresponding Government Area of the Madrid City Council. Previously, he has worked on issues related to transportation and construction. During his first stage as a member of the National Corps of Engineers, he worked at the Ministry of the Environment. Among others, he participated in various environmental projects, such as problems with the coast and climate change. Subsequently, he has worked for five years in the largest local and regional transport authority in Spain, which is the Consorcio Regional de Transportes Públicos de Madrid. He also has experience In other fields such as group classes or culture activities. He has also actively participated in many NGO projects in Spain and abroad.

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