Autonomy Summits

21 March, 2024 - PARIS

An exploration of cutting-edge solar and battery technologies that are revolutionising the energy landscape.

2024 Partners & Participants include

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AboutForward Thinking

France has now become Europe's largest potential solar and battery market, with the recently introduced French solar car park legislation, mandating that both new and existing parking lots, with 80+ spaces, must incorporate solar canopies, at a reported investment of $14.6b! This forward-thinking initiative not only paves the way for increased solar energy harvesting but also seamlessly integrates with EV fleets and charging infrastructure. As France and the world transition to electric transportation, the intersection of solar car parks, battery storage and EV charging infrastructure is poised to redefine urban energy landscapes. 

The Summit

The Solar & Battery Summit, will be the premier gathering to discuss France's trailblazing $14.6b legislation on solar integration in car parks. 

Industry experts will analyze the new French law, providing a breakdown of its legal framework, potential challenges, and opportunities. Key focus will be on the economic implications and investment opportunities that this legislation unveils. Additionally, the event will serve as a think tank for strategizing the development of a robust and efficient EV charging infrastructure, vital for the seamless integration of solar energy into the mobility sector. 

Participants will be able to meet  public and private fleet owners, national rail companies, large retailers, parking lot operators, municipal authorities and solar installers.

Join us in shaping and understanding the next chapter of E-mobility, solar, battery and charging integration, in France.

Who Participates?

PV Manufacturers

Battery Manufacturers

Connecting hardware

EV Charger Manufacturers

Inverter Manufacturers 

Solar Installers

Battery Manufacturers

Parking lot operators

Fleet Managers

Automotive OEM’s


Government (Dept of Energy)

Energy Companies


Unveiling the Voices of Innovation

Stéphane Mozet

Mobilize Power Solutions
Directeur Commercial Grands...

Carl - Magnus Norden

Decade Energy
Co-founder & Executive...

Théo Leclercq

SMART Energy System Manager

Salim El Houat

Cofondateur & Président

Eléonore Bon

ENGIE Vianeo
Head of Asset Management

Karine Vernier

EIT InnoEnergy
CEO France

Peter Pauwels

General Manager - Benelux

Christelle Rougebief

IDEC Energy, Groupe IDEC
Directrice Generale

Ulrika Tornerefelt

Stella Futura
Founder & CEO

Sophie Beugnon

Mobilize Power Solutions
Responsable commerciale...

Vincent Muller

E.Leclerc Énergies
Chief Officer Prospective...

Blandine Charveriat

PowerUp Tech
Chief of Staff, Strategy &...

Shanghua Gao

Présidente & co-fondatrice

Sergi Nebot

Bluetop Solar Parking
Directeur France

Géraldine Mezzalira

Watèa by Michelin
Director of Influence and...

Christophe Grudler

European Parliament and...
French Member of the...

Alix Armour

Recraft Ventures

Benoit Samanos

Operations manager

Jan Jacob Boom-Wichers


Julien Marcenac


Mariela Atanasova

Decade Energy
Co-founder I Head of Energy...

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