Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


A conference program welcoming 250 speakers & 50 sessions

The Industry Talks bring together various sectors to share their insights and ideas on the latest advancements and challenges faced across the mobility ecosystem. The series covers seven themes allowing attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state and future prospects of the industry.

Our Industry Themes

Empowering the Shift from Motorist to Mobilist
AMWE brings together more than 200 exhibiting companies, 50% of which are international, working in the entire mobility ecosystem covering the 7 industry themes listed below:

Smart Mobility Cities

The Smart Mobility City for Today and Tomorrow 

We need to reshape cities for the shift from motorist to mobilist. Smart Mobility Cities must be built around the needs of its citizens and so how can we prepare cities for CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) and how do we integrate this technology into the existing public transit?

Mass Transit Tech

Mass Transit: The Backbone of the Mobility Transition

The backbone of Smart Mobility Cities and the motorist to mobilist shift, how can we ensure that mass transit complements active and shared mobility to offer a realistic alternative to single car ownership?

Shared Mobility 

Scaling Sharing to Profitability  

Whether it be shared cars, LEVs, bikes or scooters, cities have seen a boom in shared mobility and yet, the growth and scale of these services has not always followed in-kind. What are the next steps needed for shared mobility hardware, software and app providers to finally reach critical mass?  


Engineering the switch from fossil to electric mobility  

The sales of new combustion vehicles are banned starting from as early as 2030. New energy networks, charging infrastructure and software solutions are needed to move, store and pay for electricity.   

Fleet Services

Software empowering fleet managers to make the shift to greener fleets

These major shifts are taking place in fleets: the switch from ICE to EV, from fixed ownership to flexible use and access to a pool of different vehicles to fit specific needs. All of this complexity is being solved by software solutions that enable companies to move quicker, cheaper and with lower emissions.  

Urban Logistics

Getting Cities, Companies and Consumers to Smile with the Last-mile

Whether it be food, clothes or electronics, consumers want everything delivered directly to their door. But city authorities are not so sure. How can companies fulfil the wishes of both consumers and cities which want to cut down on congestion and carbon emissions? 

Autonomous Vehicles

It's time to deploy Autonomous Vehicles on our streets

The technology is ready, the political will is favourable and the legislation is being passed. It's time to start rolling out autonomous vehicles in cities. What needs to happen for the successful deployment of autonomous vehicles and shuttles, delivery robots and robotaxis and how will they transform our cities?