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Meet the Team

Ross Douglas


Ross Douglas started his career as a wildlife documentary filmmaker before launching an event company in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2005. In 2012 Douglas spent time in Lagos, Delhi, Copenhagen and Berlin, where he could not help noticing the stark difference between cities with toxic traffic congestion (Lagos and Delhi) and those with clean, efficient mobility facilitated mainly by bicycles (Copenhagen and Berlin). After researching the subject, Douglas realised there was a need for a new type of trade show to gather businesses and cities dedicated to sustainable mobility. This was the genesis of Autonomy Paris – an event that brings innovators, policymakers, press and public together in Paris once a year to experience and create new mobility solutions.

Adeline Larroque

General Manager

Adeline is the General Manager at Autonomy. She is highly passionate about international business development and sustainability. She has over 16 years of international experience in several countries including Europe, USA, Middle East, China and India. You can reach out to her in French, English and Spanish.

Carolina Cominotti

Head of Partnerships

Carolina Cominotti is an architect and urban planner who has an interest in improving the streets and public spaces of cities. She has worked for the city halls of Paris and São Paulo and has ten plus years’ experience in urban planning and sustainable mobility. Carolina believes in the power of collaboration - in bringing government, private sector, civil society and academia together to outline technical strategies and find integrated solutions. Her decision to join Autonomy in December 2020 as Head of Partnerships was in part driven by this vision for collaboration in service of better cities.

Gustavo Röttgering

Data Specialist

Gustavo is Autonomy’s tech and data specialist. He holds a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie and a Data Science diploma from Digital House. He worked at São Paulo City Hall’s Innovation and Technology Secretariat, as well as at various other organisations. He is dedicated to giving Autonomy a digital edge in the sector.

Matthew Kay

Strategy and Finance Officer

Matthew writes about the business and investment environment of urban mobility, and provides Autonomy’s clients with insights and advice on their strategic and fundraising activities. Prior to Autonomy Matthew headed up risk management for a multi-asset investment firm, having previously worked in investment consulting and portfolio advisory. Matthew began his career in investment banking working in equity derivatives. Matthew holds an MA in Economics from the University of Cambridge, and is a CFA charterholder and certified Financial Risk Manager. He lives in Paris with his wife and son.

 Julian Hoarau

Head of Marketing

Julian is the Communication & Marketing Manager for Autonomy. With two master's degrees in communication (Corporate Communication and Media & Globalization), his passion for politics and sustainability drove him to specialize in corporate communication. After working for international PR agencies, Julian took a turn by moving to India where we worked for public entities such as Business France & The French Embassy for several years. His experience in India led him to become an integrated marketing director at a global agency. Now back in Paris, he's continuing his career in his prefered sector and accompanying the industry as it shifts towards cleaner and more inclusive mobility.

Maggie Wen

Senior Business Development

Maggie joined Autonomy in 2022. Before moving to France, she lived in Shanghai China and worked for the US Consulate, Department of Commerce, which is the arm of US International Trade Administration. Maggie has substantial experience and expertise in assisting foreign firms/brands identify opportunities, providing market access solutions through trade promotion events. Academically, Maggie has a bachelor degree in International Business. Her keen business sense and passion for urban sustainable development connected her right away with Autonomy. She lives in Paris and you can reach out to her in English and Chinese.

Ludovic Privat

Senior Mobility Expert

Ludovic Privat has spent more than twenty years in the field of connected cars, location-based services and smart mobility. He most notably founded the online media GPS Business News headquartered in Chicago, the pan-European B2B conference ConnecteDriver & Smart Mobility held in Brussels, and CROWDLOC, a geo-location startup established in Paris. He also held PR, marketing and business development roles at Navman and Geoflex, two technology companies in the field of navigation & GPS technologies. Ludovic joined Autonomy in 2022 as Head of Revenue & Senior Mobility Expert.

Estelle Caignot

Event Operations Manager

Estelle joined Autonomy in July 2022. After working several years in London in events, mainly for non for profit organisations, she decided to move back to France. Over the years, she has developed strong interpersonal skills and is very committed to her job. She did her Masters degree in International Management & lived in several countries. She lives in Paris and you can reach out to her in English & French.

Alyssa Harris

Content and Conferences Manager

Driven by the vision of safer, more sustainable and healthier streets for all, Alyssa is Autonomy’s Content and Conferences Manager. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia, her passion for the built environment led her to continue her education in Barcelona and Paris. She has Master’s degrees in City Resilience Design and Management and in Urban Planning. With her experience in multilateral organizations, she’s a big believer in the role of strategic communications and community building to bring public and private actors together towards the common goal of fighting climate change. Currently based in Paris, you can reach out to her in English and French.

Franca Fellman

City Summits Manager 

After her studies in Geography and Sociology in her hometown Basel (Switzerland), Franca found her true calling in sustainable urban development. With her Master’s in Urban Management and Development in Rotterdam (Netherlands) specializing in Climate Change and Sustainability, she was able to pursue her passion. After an interim position, she interned at the administration of the Canton of Basel-City (Switzerland) within the Cantonal and Urban Development division, before joining Autonomy in February 2022 and kickstarting her young career. Apart from being fascinated by smart, sustainable cities and carbon-free and future-proof mobility, Franca passionately plays Ultimate Frisbee in her leisure time. She lives in Paris. You can reach out to her in French, English, Swiss German, German and Italian.

Tinaa Ramrakhiani

Marketing & Communications Assistant

Tinaa Ramrakhiani is a multi-talented individual with a passion for marketing and fashion. With an undergraduate degree in International Marketing from India and a master's degree in Sustainable Fashion & Luxury from Paris, Tina brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. Her dedication to exploring the intersection of marketing and sustainability led her to join Autonomy, where she currently serves as a digital marketing & communication intern. Fluent in English and possessing a working knowledge of French, Tina's diverse linguistic background enhances her ability to connect with people from all walks of life. When she's not busy honing her marketing skills, you can find Tina indulging in her passion for dance and music.

Maria Chiara

Communications Specialist

Originally from Italy, Maria Chiara Di Sarno graduated from the Università Cattolica in Milan, Italy in Communication & Society. Currently studying at the Institut Catholique de Paris in Master 1- Information and Communication, Corporate, Political and Digital Communication, she aims to improve her level of French and to get involved in something completely new. Her passion for sustainability led Maria Chiara to do an internship at Autonomy, as marketing & communication intern. Maria Chiara is fluent in English, French and Italian, and during her high school years she also learned some German. This master and internship experience abroad is allowing Maria Chiara to broaden her view of the world which is now, day by day, more and more international.