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Application to be interviewed for the Business of Mobility Series

Our series of ‘Business of Mobility’ articles has proved highly popular. Readers are interested in how you are shaping mobility and how you fit in the mobility mix. Please help by filling out the below questions as best you can. We will then schedule a call between our CEO and the chosen representative from your company (e.g. Founder, Chairman, CEO, Head of Innovation, etc.) who can speak informatively and enthusiastically about the business.

Questionnaire Process 1. Fill in the questionnaire and then we will book a 30-minute meeting with the Autonomy CEO Ross Douglas. (please ensure you have a good internet connection so we have a clear recording for the transcript) 2. Our writing team uses the transcript to write up an informative and entertaining Q&A article (700-1,000 words) 3. We send the article to you for comments and approval, and make changes accordingly 4. We publish the article simultaneously on LinkedIn, in our newsletter, and on our website