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A Unique Online Experience

AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD ONLINE (AMWO) is the world’s largest annual online gathering of companies, corporations, startups, international policymakers, institutions, NGOs focused on sustainable mobility solutions welcoming 600 participants and 83 speakers over 2 days. 

AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD ONLINE (AMWO) combines a networking and knowledge online platform, several conference programs, workshops, companies and products’ pitches with Public/Private business meetings and group chats. 

The 3rd edition of AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD ONLINE (AMWO), the unique and established international online meeting platform of the mobility ecosystem, took place on November 15-16, 2023.

Connecting the Ecosystem

Autonomy has built a global community over the last 8 years through our physical and digital events and content. As its impossible to bring this community together physically, we have created a dedicated online event that will enable you to connect and interact with a global mobility community. Autonomy Mobility World Online is a cost and time effective way to communicate and generate leads with buyers from around the globe.

Discover the future of mobility at the 3rd edition of AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD ONLINE (AMWO), the premier digital event that brings together industry leaders, cities, public transport authorities, startups, and visionaries from around the globe. As a digital version of our renowned annual trade show, AMWO offers a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and experts in the field of mobility solutions. Join us as we showcase cutting-edge technologies, innovative ideas, and sustainable solutions that are transforming the way we move in cities. With its international reach, AMWO provides a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking at a global level. Experience thought-provoking keynotes, engaging panel discussions, interactive workshops, and connect with industry pioneers shaping the future of mobility. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this dynamic digital event and unlock the possibilities of the mobility ecosystem.

Call For Public SpeakersBe part of the conversation to shape the future of mobility! Drive the discussion!

The AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD ONLINE Call for Public Speakers is looking for the most insightful contributions and innovative initiatives within the framework of sustainable, equitable, inclusive, safe, healthy and collaborative mobility. We are specifically looking for participants to submit proposals for the event AUTONOMY MOBILITY WORLD ONLINE 2023. 
The call for speakers is currently closed. 

Why participate

  1. A global networking digital event is cost and time effective. Join for 2 days at any time of the day and discuss with Mobility Experts and learn global insights.
  2. We have invested in the tech and platform to improve your results and guarantee a high Return on Investment for the 3rd edition of our digital meetings.
  3. This event is a lead generation platform, the perfect tool to discuss and meet potential business partners and public representatives unavailable to travel or attend physical events all year long. We are uniting Mobility Experts from the Americas, Europe, and Asia.  

Get your message to your target audience

Generate new global leads

Create new material to push on social media 

Learn from the industry

Types of Sessions

You'll find all the session types that will structure the program of the event. The conference program will gradually be put online this summer, and we'll gradually be providing you with the many ways of accessing it and selecting the sessions that interest you. On this page you'll also find all the ways you can interact at the conference.

Live or pre-recorded

Sessions program

Immerse yourself in a diverse range of knowledge and ideas through our sessions program, featuring live presentations by industry experts or pre-recorded content to accommodate different time zones. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain insights, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

12 participants max 

Workshops tables

Get hands-on with our interactive workshops tables designed to facilitate collaboration and learning. With a limited number of participants, you'll have the opportunity to actively engage with industry professionals, share experiences, and deepen your understanding of specific topics through practical exercises and group discussions.

Companies & Organisations

Profiles pages

Explore a comprehensive showcase of companies and organizations in our dedicated profiles pages. Discover their missions, achievements, and sustainability initiatives. Connect with like-minded professionals, forge partnerships, and explore opportunities for collaboration and innovation within the realm of sustainable mobility.


1min pitches

Get a sneak peek into the latest cutting-edge products and services shaping the sustainable mobility landscape. Our 1-minute pitches provide a platform for companies and startups to showcase their innovative solutions, offering you insights into emerging technologies and trends that are driving the industry forward.

Meet companies 

Business meetings 

Elevate your networking experience by scheduling focused and personalized business meetings. Connect with key industry players, potential partners, or clients to discuss collaborations, explore opportunities, and forge meaningful connections. Whether it's a virtual face-to-face meeting or a video call, our platform empowers you to maximize your networking potential and drive your business forward. 

One on one 

Individual networking 

Expand your professional network and build valuable connections through individual networking opportunities. Engage in one-on-one conversations with fellow attendees, speakers, and experts in the field of sustainable mobility. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and establish lasting relationships that can open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and growth. 

Fast & efficient 

Speed meeting 

Accelerate your networking efforts with our speed meeting sessions. Designed for efficient introductions, speed meetings allow you to connect with a series of participants in a short period of time. Engage in quick, focused conversations to exchange information, gauge mutual interests, and identify potential synergies. Discover new contacts, spark connections, and lay the foundation for future collaborations. 

Group chats &

Direct messaging 

Foster seamless communication and collaboration through our group chat and direct messaging features. Engage in vibrant discussions, connect with fellow attendees, and exchange ideas in real-time through group chats. Join dedicated chat rooms or themed discussion groups to connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, or specific interest communities. 

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