Here you can download our White Paper about doing business as a mobility company in the Paris region. This guide, produced in colaboration with Choose Paris Region looks into the reasons behind the Paris region’s emergence as a major mobility capital  and a major player for new sustainable mobility  opportunities.

By: Shashwati Shankar

From the French government’s plans to spend over 35 billion Euro on one of the world’s biggest metro expansion plans in the world to the rapid increase in cycling infrastructure and the political push to ban diesel vehicles in time for the Paris Olympics in 2024, Paris has become a leader in a new wave of eco-friendly and human-centered mobility.choose paris region

The guide examines Paris’s existing mobility assets and the key policy levers driving the change behind a greener mobility ecosystem. But perhaps most importantly, the guide includes steps for starting a business in the region and interviews with three players that have launched businesses in the Parisian mobility ecosystem.