Autonomy Summits

How solar PV can create value for your property

Mar 21, 2024 | 10:45 AM - 11:25 AM


This session offers a comprehensive exploration into the realm of solar PV installations on both public and private properties in France, illustrating their pivotal role in augmenting property value and bolstering decarbonizing operations in mobility, logistics, and rail sectors. Through engaging case studies and success stories, attendees will gain insights into the practical strategies, challenges overcome, and tangible benefits realized from sustainable investments. A critical cost-benefit analysis will shed light on the financial implications of solar PV, juxtaposing initial expenditures against the backdrop of long-term economic and environmental rewards. The discussion will also navigate the recent legislative developments in France mandating solar panels in parking areas, underscoring their potential to significantly enhance property value. Furthermore, the session will emphasize the environmental impact and alignment with corporate social responsibility, demonstrating how solar PV adoption can attract eco-conscious stakeholders. Finally, an overview of the incentives, including government subsidies, tax benefits, and feed-in tariffs, will equip property owners with the knowledge to capitalize on solar PV installations.

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