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March 20, 2024

Main Agenda

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March 20, 2024 Sessions

The Fleet & Corporate Mobility Summit is designed for the best combination of knowledge and networking and will revolve around the decarbonising fleets in both the public and private sectors. This agenda is subject to change.
Mar 20Mar 21

2 Themes

Discover the themes of the 1-day conference : 
- 1 theme in the morning with 2 panels and networking
- 1 theme in the afternoon with 2 panels and networking

Session 1: Morning

Decarbonising Public & Private Fleets

Global summit on fleet decarbonisation addresses urgent concerns. Explore strategies for cleaner, sustainable transportation in public and private sectors. Focus on electrification, software, and charging networks to transform existing combustion fleets.

Session 2: Afternoon

Sustainable Corporate Mobility and E-Wallets

Join our session on Forfait de Mobilités Durables & the shift from company cars to mobility wallets. Explore sustainable transportation modes, reducing carbon emissions, enhancing convenience. Delve into mobility e-wallets, simplifying payments and access to diverse operators. Empower users for sustainable choices in their daily commute.

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