Mobility Summit Buenos Aires

Mobility Summit Buenos Aires

13-14 June 2023, Usina Del Arte

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About Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has been a City Partner of the Autonomy Network for a number of years and approached Autonomy to create their first Mobility Summit that will enable them to understand and adopt the best practices to change the city’s mobility mix. The event will take place at Usina del Arte an iconic venue in the city.  

The Gathering of Latin American Cities 

Buenos Aires has invited other major Latin American cities like Bogota, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago to participate in the summit representing over 35 million inhabitants. The BA Mobility Summit represents a massive opportunity for mobility makers to engage with the leading cities of the continent. 

Mobility Summit Buenos Aires 2023

Strategies and Solutions for Future of Mobility: From the Global South to the Rest of the World

The main goal of the Buenos Aires Mobility Summit is to create an annual event where Latin American cities that are in the middle of transforming their urban environment and mobility can meet and discuss best practice.  

 The City Summit will focus on two main themes:

-  Digitisation & Data Management of Public Transport
Decarbonizing Urban Mobility

 Latin American cities face similar challenges: The need to move millions with constrained budgets. In addition for many cities the responsibility of transport is shared between different authorities with private mobility operators playing a major role. The intention of LATAM City Authorities is to transition to sustainable transport and mobility solutions in ways that fit their specific needs and challenges. The presents an enormous challenge as most people commute by combustion cars and busses and an equally large opportunity for companies able to assist the transition. 
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2023 Edition KEY NUMBERS

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