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Mobilité active, Analyse de données, Mobilité électrique, Mobilité partagée et Véhicules autonomes.

Mobilité Active

  • 15/02/18      The Electric Glide: E-bikes are destined for something bigger than replacing regular bicycles (Slate)
  • 08/02/18      The Cyclist Problem – Self-driving cars aren’t good at detecting cyclists. The latest proposed fix is a cop-out (Slate)
  • 01/02/18      Uber is Piloting a Bike-sharing Service with JUMP (TechCrunch)
  • 25/01/18      More Bike Lanes Could Save up to 10,000 Lives a Year in Europe  (City Lab
  • 18/01/18      French startup launches world’s first hydrogen-powered bicycles (ET Energyworld
  • 11/01/18      How Washington DC built a bike boom (CityLab)
  • 21/12/17      Assises de la Mobilité : la révolution est en route ! (Autonomy Blog)

Analyse des Données


  • 15/02/18      The Problem with ‘Transit Gaps’ (Citylab)
  • 08/02/18      Car navigation systems plot a course forward against phone apps (New York Times)
  • 01/02/18      This is How Data Company Intel is Pushing for an Autonomous Future (The Economic Times)
  • 25/01/18      Here’s Why Data is not the New Oil (Business Insider)
  • 18/01/18      Big Brother on wheels: Why your car company may know more about you than your spouse (Washington Post)
  • 11/01/18      CES 2018: Byton unveils futuristic truly “smart car” (BBC)
  • 21/12/17     With Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Burned, the Dockless Bike Sharing Market is Imploding (Forbes)

Véhicules Electriques

  • 15/02/18      Dyson’s audacious attempt to shake up car industry (Financial Times)
  • 08/02/18      Automakers are betting big on electric cars — but there’s a lingering problem with EVs no one is talking about (Business Insider)
  • 01/02/18     2017 China Electric Car Sales Blow World out of the Water (CleanTechnica)
  • 25/01/18     Plug Wars: the Battle for Electric Car Supremacy (US News & World Report
  • 18/01/18     Oil Seller Turns to the Enemy as Electric Cars Dent Petrol Profits (Bloomberg Technology)
  • 11/01/18     In Norway, electric and hybrid cars outsell conventional models (New York Times)
  • 21/12/17     Alibaba Will Soon Begin Selling Electric Cars Using These Gigantic Vending Machines (TechCrunch)

Mobilité Partagée

  • 15/02/18      Cityscoot raises $50 million for its European electric scooter service (TechCrunch)
  • 02/02/18     The Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities has been signed by 15 companies (Intelligent Transport)
  • 01/02/18     Ford Plans to Take Chariot into London Commuting Battle (Financial Times)
  • 25/01/18     In a Shared Economy, Who Will Own Cars? (Forbes)
  • 18/01/18     G.M. Says Its Driverless Car Could Be in Fleets by Next Year (New York Times)
  • 11/01/18     Velib bike-sharing scheme hits road bump in French capital (Reuters)
  • 21/12/17     Uber Suffers Major Setback After Europe Court Rules It’s a Taxi Service (New York Times)

Véhicules Autonomes

  • 15/02/18      Self-Driving Cars Will Kill Things You Love (And a Few You Hate) (Bloomberg)
  • 08/02/18      Self-driving cars use crazy amounts of power and it’s becoming a problem (Wired)
  • 01/02/18      It’s 2018, so where are the self-driving cars? (The Verge)
  • 25/01/18      Drones learn to Navigate Autonomously by Imitating Cars and Bicycles (ScienceDaily
  • 18/01/18      One year old Pony.ai raises $112 million Series A to build autonomous car future (TechCrunch)
  • 11/01/18      Baidu could beat Google in self-Driving cars with a totally Google move (MIT Technology Review)
  • 21/12/17      The 5G Network Probably Won’t be Good Enough for Self-Driving Cars (Motherboard)