Mobility Summit Berlin

2023 Conferences Themes

Building a New Mobility Ecosystem

Connecting the Dots: Integrating Rail and Shared Mobility
Integrating rail and shared mobility offers a promising way to increase the efficiency, accessibility, and sustainability of urban transportation systems. By connecting rail networks with shared mobility options like bikes, scooters, and ride-hailing services, cities can offer more convenient options for commuters to travel door2door seamlessly. Building these integrated systems will require significant investment in both physical infrastructure and data-driven solutions, but the potential benefits are enormous.
Beyond Car Ownership: Exploring Alternatives to the Private Vehicle
The role of the car in the mobility ecosystem is changing rapidly. What will be the future of car usage and its evolving role in the overall mobility ecosystem? As we shift towards a more environmentally conscious future, personal cars are no longer the sole option for urban mobility. The event will showcase new and innovative approaches to integrating cars into the wider mobility ecosystem, such as car-sharing services and electric vehicles, that promote sustainability and accessibility while meeting the needs of mobilists. 
Data-Driven Mobility: Balancing Innovation and Fairness
The collection and use of data is transforming the way we think about and approach mobility solutions, but there are concerns around issues of privacy, equity, and bias. To fully realize the potential of data-driven mobility, it is essential to ensure that innovation is balanced with fairness and transparency. By developing robust data governance frameworks and engaging with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, we can create more equitable and sustainable mobility solutions that benefit everyone.

Private Sector Partnership Opportunities