Mobility Summit Berlin

JUNE 28/29, 2023 - The Drivery 

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Berlin Mobility Summit | 2nd Edition Building a New Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem

The rapid advancement of technology connected users to mobility in new ways through the Internet of Things (IoT). With the advent of these new technologies such as autonomous vehicles, advanced data analytics, and more, the event will explore the ways players can enhance public-private partnerships to improve the sustainable mobility ecosystem. 

 The City of Berlin is an excellent case study in expertly bringing actors together, as evident in the success of its public-private partnerships that have contributed to the city’s reputation as a leader in mobility innovation through its groundbreaking MaaS-app Jelbi. 

However, it currently seems as if the “classic car” would remain a cornerstone in Berlin's mobility portfolio: Developments in the past have shown that measures to electrify car traffic are not yet sufficient. In that frame, the Berlin Mobility Summit also aims to explore the roadmap of the automotive industry to achieve its green transition to a sustainable mobility and energy ecosystem. To make this vision a reality, participants will have the opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions, attend informative presentations, and network with peers to share ideas, connect, and build bridges.

 The event will highlight successful public-private partnerships and showcase best practices for integrating innovative mobility solutions into urban environments. 

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Why gather in the German Capital?

Berlin is not only the capital of Germany, but also of innovative new urban mobility solutions. It is thus the perfect place to gather to jointly push the shift From Motorist to Mobilist forward. Existing events for the auto and the public transport industry in Germany understandably focus on new products in their own industry vertical. For mobility to be sustainable, however, it is not just about new products. It is about big ideas on how we can change the way we move, about public-private-partnerships and about a massive integration of software, hardware and funding to build completely new mobility systems. 

In Partnership with Berlin Partner & VisitBerlin

Autonomy being the world’s leading network of sustainable urban mobility actors, and Berlin Partner and VisitBerlin having ambitions to build a world-leading sustainable mobility event, it was obvious that this combination was the right match to collaborate on the follow-up of the 2022’s Berlin Mobility Summit. Berlin is the place, and June 2023 is the time, to make the BMS grow and become the epicentre of the discussions about building a new sustainable mobility ecosystem and of the definition of actions that public and private mobility providers should take to achieve it.

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