An INVERS and fluctuo white paper

2018 was crowned the “year of the scooter” and 2019 saw micromobility usage continue to grow in cities across Europe setting 2020 up to be another strong year for free-floating e-scooter and moped ridership. Then, COVID-19 hit, completely altering the outlook. With the pandemic shuting down cities across Europe and causing people to dramatically change their travel habits, INVERS and fluctuo set out to explore how exactly this major disruption has affected micromobility ridership.

This white paper analyses data from kick scooter sharing and moped sharing operators in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy before, during and after the first COVID-19 peak in Europe. It provides a comparative analysis of a large booking data set to determine how trips per vehicle per day changed over this period and how micromobility in Europe was impacted by the first COVID-19 peak.

The Urban Mobility Daily is delighted to provide you with an exclusive sneak peek of the report below and to download the full version, see here.

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Invers will be presenting on this report live during Autonomy Digital on Thursday, 5 November, 2:50pm – 3:30pm (CET)/ 8:50am – 9:30am (ET).