Cities & Policymakers

Why we Partner With Cities

Cities are leading the drive to sustainable mobility solutions. Within cities, it is the political decision makers in collaboration with businesses, civil society and citizens that play a crucial role in bringing about this change. Understanding this, Autonomy works with cities and local governments to give them a platform to communicate their mobility ambitions and connect them to an international mobility ecosystem. Our network gives cities access to a wide range of peers and their learnings, as well as important private sector players. Each year major cities like Moscow, Paris and Helsinki participate in Autonomy’s events.

Talk to our Head of Partnerships to discuss how your city can partner with Autonomy.

What can Autonomy do for your city?

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Curate your Autonomy experience to match your needs!

How does it work?

  1. You tell our Head of Partnerships what you are looking for from the event.
  2. We use our network and industry knowledge to list partners ideal for your interests.
  3. We organize ‘speed-dating’ meetings between you and the relevant companies and organizations.
  4. They pitch their solution for 5 minutes and your delegation has 10 minutes to ask questions.
  5. After the meeting we share further information about companies that interest you. Your interests and motivation remain strictly confidential unless you indicate otherwise.

If you do not want to attend in person, Autonomy will organize virtual meetings.

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City Mobility Makers article

Are you a city official faced with major urban mobility challenges and solutions that you would like to share with the industry at large?

Become a City Partner of Autonomy and together we can create a participation package tailored to fit your city’s needs.

City Partner packages include the following:

  • Get Our Cities Moving
    A speaking opportunity dedicated to discussing the challenges and opportunities for cities in partnership with the POLIS Network (POLIS is the leading network of European cities and regions working to develop new technologies and policies for local transport).
  • City Voices
    Autonomy has launched a series of articles to publicise cities’ learnings and achievements in urban mobility.
  • Refined networking and match-making
    We use our network and industry knowledge to make appropriate introductions.
  • Business Meetings
    We organize ‘speed-dating’ meetings with the relevant companies and organizations you would like to meet.
  • Virtual Business Meetings
    If you are not able to join us in Paris, Autonomy will organize virtual meetings.
  • Delegation Tour
    We develop guided tours at Autonomy Paris to fit your delegation’s interests.

Speak with our Head of Partnerships to discuss your city’s specific needs.