Team and Focus


Our Paris-based team includes a diverse range of nationalities (French, German, American, Brazilian, Indian, South African), all of whom are passionate about working towards contributing to the common goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our generation faces the challenge of flattening the Keeling curve, which measures atmospheric CO2. Every year it rises, adding new emissions to old ones, increasingly heating up our planet. The size of the challenges posed by climate change are simply enormous and require the world’s greatest minds to come together and rebuild businesses, cities and economies differently.

Our role is to promote synergy and collaboration among businesses and governments to get urban transport to net zero emissions. We work with a diverse community that shares our ethos, bringing together decision makers, thought leaders, business developers, investors, policy makers and others with the goal to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This is why we have created Autonomy Paris (trade show), the Urban Mobility Weekly (newsletter) and Autonomy City Summits (Summits in European capitals).