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Autonomy invites you to exhibit in the Startup District, a space that welcomes about forty high-potential young enterprises. The Startup District provides a unique opportunity to present your products and services to visitors, private and public decision-makers looking for innovative solutions, but also investors looking for new partners. Book your digital booth and join them !


Book your digital booth and join the most innovative actors in the autonomous vehicle and artificial intelligence for mobility space.

Autonomy is the place to be if you’re involved in urban mobility. The event gathers international innovators who have the power, creativity, and knowledge to make the future of mobility happen. I’m looking forward to the next 2020 event! I’m positive it will be resourceful, engaging, inspiring and fun. I’ve already got my tickets! And you?

Olga Korchagina

Marketing Manager, EbikeLabs

Participating in Autonomy was a great way for us to discover startups from all over the world, especially in Paris which is considered by many as ”the last-mile capital of the world”.

Mark Paris

Managing Director, Urban-X

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