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The Partnerships Department 

The Partnerships Department of AUTONOMY focuses on partnerships with the public sector (all levels of government, government agencies and other entities) as well as with the third sector (NGOs, NPOs, associations). 

Pushing the evolution of sustainable urban mobility forward, our cities are the focus of our attention. Our goal is to match-make cities with other actors in our global network based on the demand cities express and on the offer our network partners propose. 

We’re enablers, amplifiers, & mobilists aiming for a carbon-zero future! 

Are you a mobilist, too? 

What We Passionately Do


Develop in-depth knowledge and leading insights into what leading cities and governments need to tackle urban mobility challenges.


Assist the mobility ecosystem to understand the public sector goals and objectives to create fit-for-purpose solutions


Establish bridges between the different sectors to accelerate the projects and partnerships that will deliver urgently needed action within urban mobility

How Does a Partnership Work?

  • Non Financial: As a network, Autonomy charges the private sector, and offers its services for free to the public and the third sector.
    These partnerships are always non-financial and based on an exchange of visibility through the exchange of logos.
  • The City First: Cities know best what they need and we are happy to assist them in this task. Therefore, it’s the Cities who choose whom they wish to partner with, and that’s why our work orbits around the needs of our City Partners.
  • 1-year-basis: The partnership with the AUTONOMY network is based on a one-year-collaboration. During that year, our institutional partners can enjoy complete support from our team and profit from our large network.d increase your visibility and your company’s visibility.
  • Come as you are: It is also possible to be a part of the Autonomy Mobility World Expo event without engaging in a partnership.

Still Not Sure?

Our Partnerships team is always ready to answer any inquiries you might have.


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Being a Partner of Autonomy means Benefiting from a Large Ecosystem

Throughout the year with Autonomy 365

  • Gaining visibility 
  • Connect to other partners 
  • Open to co-create content together 
  • Share City Partner events and activities 
  • City Voices Article
  • Possibility to…
    • of publishing content on the Autonomy website 
    • moderate or participate in a webinar
    • contributing to a whitepaper
    • publishing jobs on the newsletter

At the Autonomy Mobility World Expo

  • Dedicated program for cities – GOCM 
  • Possibility of a speaking opportunity at Get Our Cities Moving 
  • Refined networking and match-making 
  • Networking Meetings 
  • Delegation Tour of the event 
  • Possibility to…
    • organize a workshop/showcase projects at the event 
    • a booth representing the City/Region/Metropolitan area 
    • be interviewed by the media 
    • organize a field trip or site visit

At a
City Summit

  • Gain visibility as the host city
  • Program of the conference built around city’s needs 
  • Meet partners that can share solutions to your city’s specific challenges
  • City Report is shared as the main outcome of the summit 
  • City Hour to showcase your challenges 
  • Invitation to the networking dinner 
  • Possibility to be interviewed by the media 
  • Possibility of organizing a field trip or site visit

What about Becoming a Partner of the Autonomy Network?

  1. Reach out: Please let Carolina and Franca know that you’d like to partner. They’re more than happy to assist you with all the following steps!
  2. Send us your logo: Please send us the logo of your city/institution so that the visibility exchange can start. This marks the beginning of our partnership – so exciting!
  3. Tell us what you need: You can choose to benefit from all the offers of our partnership the whole year round. Simply discuss your needs with Carolina & Franca. They’re more than happy to assist.
  4. Meet our team: You can choose to be introduced to the whole team, so that you know who you may get in touch with if you need anything from Content, Marketing, Media and Sales.
  5. Renew: If you were happy with the one-year partnership, we would be thrilled to develop it further by renewing it for another year!

Would you like to partner-up with us?

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