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Preparing New & Old Cities for AVs


European legislation and specific national legislation has created the framework for AVs to operate in European cities. Sixt and Mobileye have signed a partnership agreement to launch robotaxis this year in Munich.


AVs are a key technology for public transport authorities as they allow them to run more buses on more routes at lower costs. Likewise it is a key technology for ride hailing companies wanting to switch to fleets of electric robotaxis. Finally OEMs are also heavily investing in driver-assistance systems in order to improve the in-vehicle experience, safety and productivity of its drivers. 

While there have been some concerns about the possible externalities associated with AVs, the response has been overwhelmingly positive from authorities. London is no different with the CCAV and Zenzic promoting acting as focused agencies to accelerate AVs in the UK. Not only is there a mobility motivation but so too is there a financial one. The UK Dept of Transport believes that connected and autonomous vehicle technology could create around 38,000 new jobs in a UK industry that could be worth £42 billion by 2035. Over 80% of these jobs are expected to be in professional, technical and skilled trade occupations.

Overview of London City Summit

This summit has a combination of technology companies, mobility operators and institutions to discuss the topic of how to prepare old and new cities for AVs. There is no better city than London to have the conversation. Londoners have one of the longest commute times in the world and the more than 1 million daily commuters offer massive opportunities for AV Fleet Operators. 

The London Summit brings together local actors with mobility innovators, operators and professionals. The intention is to understand what the AV future will look like in London and, by comparison, in one of the new cities in Saudi Arabia that are being built from the ground up – with AV tech as part of the plan. 

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