An interview with Romain Erny, Head of Mobility at Choose Paris Region

As the governmental agency fostering the attractiveness of Paris Region and a historic partner of Autonomy, Choose Paris Region was proud to organize during the Autonomy Digital 2.0 Summit a roundtable on the subject of micromobility in the Paris Region, with Romain Erny, Head of Mobility at Choose Paris Region, Kristjan Maruste, Head of Product at Äike, Damien Barilko, Country Manager France for Pure Electric, and Aline Gillette, Project Manager in charge of cycling policy for Ile-de-France Mobilités.

To grasp the crucial key elements that were mentioned during the workshop and clarify how new companies are entering this promising region, we asked our expert Romain Erny to answer several questions on the following topic: How to participate in the micromobility revolution in the Paris Region?

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Can you tell us a bit more about the theme of your roundtable?

The roundtable organized on Wednesday, May 19 during Autonomy Digital 2.0 focused on personal micromobility and discussed the various aspects to enable the players to take advantage of these business opportunities in the Paris Region. This theme was chosen in particular because Paris and the surrounding region have been in the spotlight for the rapid and dynamic shift towards micromobility. In fact, sales have been booming in France over the last year, especially for e-bikes, with total sales of 514,000 units (up 29% in 2019) and e-scooters, with a total of 640,000 units (up 34% in 2019).

What are the main conclusions to be drawn from this roundtable?

One of the main reasons for this growth is the strong support from cities and the Paris Region, especially in terms of infrastructure (bike lanes construction) and support in the purchase of e-bikes and cargo bikes.

In order to give us more details, Aline Gillette put forward during the roundtable three initiatives to promote the use of bicycles in the Paris Region:

  • “RER Velo” – Towards a cycling network infrastructure. It is a network of more than 650 kilometers of bicycle lanes and nine lines across the Paris Region. This initiative aims to turn the region into a bike-friendly region and to make it possible to reach Paris from all sides by bike. The first five lines of the RER V, “bicycle pipes,” should be completed by 2024-2025, with the first sections available from 2022.
  • Veligo: Europe’s largest public e-bike rental service, with a maximum rental duration from 6 to 9 months.
  • The subsidy system for bicycle purchase, which means that bicycle users will receive up to 500€ ​when you purchase an e-bike and up to 600€ for a cargo bike. ​

This round table was also an excellent opportunity to see the enthusiasm of foreign private players to seize this new market such as Pure Electric, a British company specialized in electric micromobility that has already opened two stores in Paris, and Äike, an Estonian company that is about to set up shop in Rivoli to sell high-end e-scooters.

How do you see the sector evolving?

As mentioned earlier, this sector has real growth potential. At Choose Paris Region, we are in close contact with many international companies wishing to set up in the region and have noticed the growing willingness of both B2B and B2C players in the sector to hop on this new micromobility trend!

There will also likely be many innovations coming in new micromobility devices such as new types of vehicles or more connectivity. It is very exciting to see these major changes that are sure to come in the near future.

For more information you can contact Romain Erny at as well as visit the website of choose Paris Region: