By Augustin Friedel, Shared Mobility Expert

With close to 200 different companies connected to each other, the global autonomous driving landscape is getting more complex.

Players in the self-driving space partner to reduce development costs and to speed up time to market and testing cycles. Companies like AutoX, with activities in China and USA, are following the philosophy of “We do what we have to do. We don’t do things that we don’t need to do”. This means that the focus is on crucial parts, like the software stack or the computing unit, which is the brain of the self-driving system.

The Q3 2020 edition of the Autonomous Driving Network is supplemented by an overview of interesting players to watch, companies that are not linked to other companies so far but might shape the network in the future.

The Autonomous Driving Network Q3/2020 Mapping

autonomous driving Q3/2020

Interesting Companies to Watch Overview

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