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A videoconference program covering the main challenges regarding intelligent & sustainable mobility
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A conference program covering the biggest issues related to sustainable and urban mobility
• Consists of round tables, keynotes and fireside chats
• A total of 150 speakers with more than 50 sessions across 4 stages and 8 sector
• Accessible for free to all visitors
• Program includes “Get Our Cities Moving” aimed at cities and public authorities 

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The final program with time slots and speakers will be available on the platform in September. Register now for free.



How can micromobility contribute to a sustainable economic recovery after COVID-19?

The role of cities in enabling active & micromobility

Infrastructure’s big role in keeping micromobility users safe

Improving the quality of life for urban citizens: why micromobility is here to stay

Keeping riders safe: exploring micromobility equipment and infrastructure

Micromobility: congestion’s worst nightmare



Addressing Mobility Challenges Post COVID

Air mobility: the next big breakthrough?

The 7th Mass Extinction: vehicle ownership

Inspiring the shared mobility revolution

The new role of insurance: a shift from the protection of drivers to the coverage of fleet owners?

Connecting people through shared mobility

The future prospects and opportunities for car sharing modalities

Public transit and shared mobility: the next great dynamic duo?

Insurance: how to enable a common shared mobility future

The sustainability of free-floating vehicles



COVID-19 and mobility: new ways of cooperation between businesses and public institutions

Getting your employees to go ‘micro’

The advantages of corporate shared solutions

Telematics, Geolocation & GPS tracking: major tools for mobility

CSR in the mobility ecosystem: the corporate brand to the test

How to turn your corporate fleet into an electric one

What models of fleet management should be harnessed for the new mobility era?

Insurance & new mobility: accountability and solutions

From fleet management to mobility management

Calculate precise journey, in real time and in the future



How will COVID-19 shape urban logistics?

Logistic hubs for last-mile success

Accessing city centres with low-emission zones: legislation, constraints, & solutions

Cargo bikes: the explosion of carbon-free delivery services

Sustainable urban freight initiatives and programs in cities

Last-mile delivery in the age of e-commerce

Urban space management: the challenge of moving people and goods in cities



How is the global pandemic accelerating the artificial intelligence race?

Integrating AVs into public transportation

The challenge of managing data generated by autonomous vehicles

AVs & infrastructure: building for the future

Autonomous vehicles: an asset for business growth and productivity?


COVID-19 – redesigning MaaS towards a more sustainable mobility?

Securing and managing MaaS-related data

Integrated payments for MaaS apps: which model for account-based ticketing?

Inclusive mobility: towards an accessible, equal and independent future

The role of blockchain in addressing MaaS complexities

How effective can mobile ticketing solutions be with no infrastructure upgrade?

Beyond tap and go: the implementation of contactless mobile ticketing

Which communication networks will power MaaS and Smart cities?

Smart Ticketing and fast payment: a global vision for transport operators

Clearing the way: the tools needed for traffic, congestion & curbside management

Mapping and localisation for a sustainable future

The ethics of location-based data

Sustainability at the heart of MaaS

MaaS, responding to the user’s desire for a more comfortable mobility experience





Smart cities in the fight against pandemics: the example of Singapore

Energy providers and the charging revolution

Retrofitting: mobility’s next revolution?

All smart roads lead to smart cities: the role of infrastructure in new mobility

Infrastructure’s pivotal role in EV mass adoption



Where do you go from here? Urban mobility post-COVID19

Autonomy… when you’re broke? Affordable is the new black

What will urban mobility post-COVID look like?

Reshaping our city streets for new mobility solutions  

Progress in Parking: Less is more?

Will public-private partnerships shape tomorrow’s urban mobility ecosystem?

What do cities need right now? The mobility innovation wish list


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