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Get Our Cities Moving is a new format designed by Autonomy to bring the most accurate and innovative mobility solutions for cities and local governments.

Get our Cities Moving by Autonomy in partnership with POLIS Network

Autonomy partnered with POLIS Network, a network of European cities and regions collaborating to develop innovative technologies and policies for local mobility, to create this one-day program dedicated to cities and local governments. It takes place on October 17th 2019.

Get our Cities Moving will be part of the POLIS conference series. 

Thanks to POLIS’ expertise in fostering cooperation and partnership across Europe with the aim of making transportation research and innovation accessible to cities and regions, and to Autonomy’s global expertise in the mobility field, “Get Our Cities Moving” will bring high-level and cutting-edge insight on cities challenges and needs in terms of mobility, and connecting them to the right solutions through a program of pitches and keynotes.

We will carefully select the most innovative solutions that can improve mobility in cities. Selected companies will can come and pitch their solutions to a qualified audience of city and local governments officials, according to our 7 Industrial Talks themes.

Cities shape the future of mobility

Cities occupy 2% of the planet’s surface, yet they generate 80% of the world’s GDP and 75% of greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, almost 70% of the world population will live in cities, compared to 55% today. Major, interconnected challenges are concentrated in cities: growing urbanization, congestion and pollution, and change in customer behaviours, that deeply impact mobility policies.

Cities are the most relevant scale to tackle these challenges and implement concrete sustainable and innovative solutions, being the closest to the citizens’ needs, and develop efficient policies. Urbanites growing demand to reduce commute time, and to access seamless and multimodal mobility open new markets and stir up disruption.

New urban mobility is becoming a core political issue both in France and EU agendas, and we believe 2019 is a key year to communicate about urban mobility issues and foster these values: promoting clean and sustainable urban mobility through collaboration between cities, governments and the industry.

Cities are looking to:

  • Gain insights on mobility issues and business
  • Find innovative, inclusive, multimodal urban mobility solutions
  • Network with an international ecosystem of innovators, industry players and fellow policymakers
  • Communicate their achievement
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