With its Funding the Movement program, Autonomy encourages startups to pitch in front of investors and big companies


Funding the Movement is Autonomy’s startup program in which mobility innovators from all over the world will gather to pitch in front of international investors looking to fund ambitious projects. This event will be an opportunity for the selected startups to meet and connect with the actors who will be essential to their development and help facilitate their growth.

Funding the Movement | Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Summit | Submit

After having launched a Call for Startups which received close to 120 applications, coming from 25 different countries, Autonomy and its partners have selected 20 of the most innovative startups in urban mobility, to invite them to pitch at Funding the Movement.

Here is the list of the 20 selected startups that you will be able to see pitching at Autonomy, on the 18th of October.

Billy : Billy bikes are shared electric bicycles you can pick up and drop off everywhere in a city. They are already present in Bruxels.

Cit.io : Cit.io strives for embracing the profound urban mobility challenges by providing a new technological solution based on Big Data & Artificial Intelligence to optimize pubic transportation networks.

DRUST : Intelligence car platform that develops connected road safety services, thanks to driving behaviour and vehicle data analysis.

Eliport : Solves the last mile logistics problem by providing a fleet of ground- based, robotic delivery machines. The robots are intended to be autonomous, to travel on pavements at walking speed and unload themselves on delivery point.


K-Ryole : The first smart electric bicycle trailer. Carry up to 250 kg behind your bike without even noticing it!

Felix : Uber-like platform connecting users and green scooter riders. Through an app, you can pre-book or order on-demand rides to travel around the city on top range BMW e-scooters.

HES Energy Systems : HES Energy Systems is developing ultralight energy solutions. They have just revealed their plans for a regional hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft.

Juuve : Solution aimed at putting shared fleets of cars for each real estate project. Juuve is growing quickly in the Netherlands, and now want to expand to Europe.

Karos : Mobile app that leverages geolocation and AI technologies to make carpooling on daily commutes truly effortless, very reliable and highly flexible.

Jedlix : Electric car charging management, based on the balance between production and consumption of renewable energy. By selecting the optimal charging moments, Jedlix increases the share of renewables in the energy mix.

Mobeelity: First intermodal platform, gathering both public and private essential transportation means for your daily commutes, while rewarding your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint

Motion Tag : Enhances services with augmented mobility data. An analytics tool giving precise statements about when, where and how people move around, and about the user demand and perceived attractiveness of services.

Parkbob : Parkbob enables a seamless last-mile experience. Digital street parking rules & restrictions, covering 43 cities in EU/North America. Data science based parking information that helps drivers to take better decisions.

Pony : First European bike sharing company. Pony has a decentralised model in which the users own the vehicles. This creates a real community, network effect and is less reliant on capital.

Scoot Networks : One of the biggest player in the Shared Mobility (kick scooters, bikes, electric scooters). Already present in Barcelona and San Francisco, with the ambition of developing quickly in Europe.

SmartGreenCharge : Self-financed off-grid renewable power source supplying multiple electric pumps (12 to hundreds) with 24/7 local renewable electricity.

TravelAI : Optimising AV fleets to reduce congestion, dwell times and predict commuter needs will be key to their acceptance.
TravelAi captures the first, last mile, and everything in between of mass transit, past and present.

Valerann: Making roads smart, roads that can sense their environment, enhance traffic safety, ease congestion and support a world of driverless cars.

Webreathe : Stereoscopic modules to count people which are complemented by a software conveniently displaying geolocalised and real-time people flow information.

Zify : Carpooling-as-a-Service platform that facilitates urban carpooling instantly. With over 3 million trips taken by over 500,000 users, more than 38 million KMs have been shared on Zify.


Meet investors, VCs, incubators and, more globally, all players in the innovation ecosystem working towards improving sustainable mobility.

Find sustainable financing and partnerships to accelerate your growth and grow your business.


Startup applications have closed on September 7th.

However, investors can still register to be invited for free to the pitching sessions by following the link below (limited seats available).

Investors, attend the pitching sessions for free!


Funding the Movement will happen at Autonomy, on the 18/10/2018



Our partners

Funding the Movement | Autonomy & the Urban Mobility Summit | Submit

“We are glad that the startups we have curated through our European Startup Prize for mobility are participating in Funding the Movement. It is indeed an exciting opportunity for them to meet investors from all over the world, and connect with innovative big mobility companies.”

Karima Delli – Member of the European Parliament, Chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee


“Participating in Autonomy was a great way for us to discover startups from all over the world, especially in Paris which is considered by many as ‘the last-mile capital of the world.’”

Mark Paris – Managing Director URBAN-X


“I was recently part of the jury of the European Startup Prize for mobility in Brussels, and once again, was impressed with the talent represented there, and with the services that new mobility startups can offer. But in order for them to reach their goals, startups need investors, and this is what we want to do at Autonomy with our Funding the Movement program: get funders and founders under the same roof to do business.  At Autonomy, we are proud to be part of the movement by connecting investors with ambitious and innovative mobility-themed companies.”

Ross Douglas, CEO and founder of Autonomy.

Read the opinion piece by Ross Douglas : “Europe’s got talent, now it’s time to fund the movement

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