Why we Work with Entrepreneurs

Companies are providing the vital services that enable the sustainable transition of urban mobility. Within cities, it is these entrepreneurs that enable cities, civil society, and citizens to play a crucial role in bringing about this change. Understanding this, Autonomy works with entrepreneurs in platforming them so they can communicate their important ideas while connecting them to policymakers around the world. Our network enables businesses to get wider access to a wide range of peers and their learnings, as well as important public sector players. 

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What can Autonomy do for your city?

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Exhibitor Process

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How does it work?

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Our Packages for Enterprises

Are you an Enterprise offering major urban mobility solutions that you would like to provide at large?

Become an exhibitor, Industry Partner, or a Headline Partner of Autonomy and together we can create a participation package tailored to fit your city’s needs.

Each Package offers something different, Let’s take a look:

  • Exhibitor Package
    This package is for our partners who provide a mobility service….WORDS
  • Industry Partner Package
    This package is for our partners who provide a vital service to enable mobility services….WORDS
  • Headline Partner Package
    This package is for our partners who want to take the next step in supporting our work…WORDS


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