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Wherever you are an international corporation, a local company or a fire startup, if your company redefines the Mobility Industry of today and tomorrow, Autonomy Paris is the place for you ! We bring businesses, policy makers and the rest of the world together.

Establish your
Global Presence

You can share your brand’s journey with a global audience including worldwide media. Autonomy Paris welcomes journalists from leading media outlets to give your company the reach it deserves. Our partners packages will enable you to introduce yourself to the international mobility system in exactly the way you want.

Impose your
Thought Leadership

We can help position your brand to be a thought leadership by proposing a diverse range of options : you can lead a round table or a panel discussion amongst mobility industry experts, showcase your latest innovative product ou our test track or demo stage, set up private business meetings with other experts in the industry and much more.

Broaden your
Social Network

Our events and services are designed to ensure that you experience unrivaled networking opportunities. Through our mobility event, you could potentially land your next big client, hire an expert for your company that advises you on the low emission transition or even establish a new relationship with a potential partner.

Achieve Your Lead Generation Targets

Autonomy Paris attracts experts of the urban mobility industry. These experts can always spot mobility products and services before they become the next big thing. If you want to get your product or service recognized, then you know Autonomy Paris is the place to be.

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