Berlin City Summit

Each City Summit is held in an iconic venue that is fit-for-purpose and showcases the city’s unique charm.
The Berlin Autonomy City Summit will be held on 27/01/2022 at the Drivery a historic publishing house which now hosts 70 of Europe’s fastest growing mobility startups and boasts 10,000 square meters dedicated to the future of mobility.

Berlin – Urban Mobility in Transition!

Berlin’s mobility system is currently in transition, both physically and digitally. This means that now is the perfect opportunity to assess the present and discuss potential challenges that will arise in the future. The Berlin City Summit is this communication space where the most important questions about the future of urban mobility are discussed and answered, and the transformation takes shape. The first edition of the Berlin City Summit on January 27, 2022 will focus on mobility hubs. Mobility hubs are the physical and digital representation of the mobility system. They are the focal point of access to all modes of transport, which includes MaaS, shared services, last mile logistics, and electric energy provision and thus represent the enabling force for future mobility in Berlin. Thanks to Jelbi, Berlin has one of the largest networks of mobility hubs in Europe and is continuously working on the strategic expansion with its local partners.

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