Autonomy City Summits

Solving Today’s Urban Mobility Challenges for Tomorrow’s Cities



We Understand that every city is unique.

That’s why our City Summits are precisely tailored to the host city’s needs and are designed to inspire the local mobility community by bringing together global and local innovators along with policymakers on stage.

The intimate and exclusive setting – 250 attendees by invitation only – is ideal for making long lasting connections with the public, private and third sectors, enabling them to take collective action to solve today’s urban mobility challenges for tomorrow’s cities. 

What is a City Summit? 

Autonomy brings its international expertise to the world’s leading mobility capitals by downscaling its global conference, Autonomy Mobility World Expo, into bespoke conferences, City Summits, where on-the-ground opportunities and solutions are discussed. 

The Autonomy City Summits are aimed at thought leaders and key decision-makers from the public, private and third sector. Hosted by cities such as Paris, Berlin and London, the conferences take place in iconic venues that have a deep history with the city and provide the delegates and partners excellent  opportunities to engage, exchange and network. 

In addition, an invitation-only Networking Dinner y takes place the evening before the Summit. This intimate gathering allows our partners to establish relationships before the Summit begins.


Your City Summits Team

Ross Douglas

Carolina Cominotti

Franca Fellmann

How it Works

  1. Firstly, Autonomy partners with the City Hall or local authority of a City Partner to understand their mobility needs, challenges, and goals.
  1. Based on those, we invite companies and institutions that can respond to the specific challenges expressed by the city from our greater Autonomy network.  These companies and institutions become the partners of the event.
  1. A local curator, a mobility expert who lives and works in the respective city, helps us to organize the Summit.
  1. Finally, with the help of our event partners and the curator, we invite up to 250 delegates from our network as well as the networks of our partners.
  1. In collaboration with the partners and the local curator, we deliver a one-day conference, tailored to the city’s needs. This  includes a full talks program with keynotes and panels as well as enriching networking opportunities such as networking coffee breaks, a networking lunch and drinks to wrap up the conference.
  1. At the end of each City Summit, Autonomy shares important information, gathered data – like the event’s attendee list – and the City Intelligence Report with the involved partners to enhance the exchange of knowledge and the development of relationships.

City Summit Output: City Intelligent Report

In addition to each Summit, the local City Summit curator and mobility expert produces a detailed City Report in close collaboration with the Autonomy content team, offering an in-depth analysis of the respective city’s mobility ecosystem of mobility makers, infrastructure, market and opportunities.

City Summits 2022

Autonomy promoted Three City Summits

Paris City Summit


  • The day after Autonomy Paris
  • For Policymakers only
  • With Paris City Hall and POLIS

Berlin City Summit


  • At The Drivery
  • Topic: Mobility Hubs

London City Summit


  • At the Southbank Centre
  • Topic: AVs

The Berlin City Summit

The Berlin Intelligence Report

The London Intelligence Report

The London City Summit