Autonomous Vehicles

Stage 2 - 16/10, 10AM-1PM
Discussion Program



10h-10h45 : The race to autonomy, where are we? Focus on the main ongoing experiments.
10h45 – 11h40 : E-Scape Project : On the road to Autonomous vehicles, Europe leads the race towards new generation navigation systems.
11h40 – 12h : How do we prepare infrastructure for cities once they arrive?
12h – 12h20 : Autonomous vehicles: are people ready to accept them?
12h20 – 13h : How reliable and responsible are autonomous vehicles?




Ensuring the safety of Autonomous vehicles while preparing our cities for their arrival.

When would AVs era come ?

Autonomous vehicles dominated much of the 2018 newscycle with a plethora of mobility actors, from OEMs, to tech companies to MaaS companies getting into the driverless car game. It is now a question of ‘when’ rather than “if” for AVs on our streets.

Will AVs be deployed as public fleets managed by the city or will they be privately-owned, potentially creating driverless traffic while they circle the block waiting for owners?

Key Stat



The United States is set to have robo-taxis on their roads

Robo-taxis in 2020

million robo-taxis by 2025

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