Active Mobility

Stage 1 - 16/10 10AM-1PM


10h-10h45 : What product innovations can be used to develop micro-mobility?
10h45 – 11h30 : How can we refurbish the public space in order to encourage and support the development of active mobility (infrastructure, digital tools, regulation …)?
11h30 – 12h15 : Do new mobility practices imply a modal shift from cars?
12h15 – 13h : How do parking services serve free-floating micro-mobility models?




Making space for the healthiest, cleanest and cheapest way to move in cities.

Rethinking public spaces

Cycling, walking, skating, roller-blading, kick-scooting etc. are the healthiest ways to move in cities and the most efficient methods to reduce pollution and congestion. However, in order to encourage these practices, pedestrians need to be able to reclaim the public spaces taken over by cars.


With the increase of “electric-assisted” active mobility such as electric kick-scooters and bikes, will cities need to implement new lanes to keep them separated from human-powered forms of active mobility?

Key Stat


How the public space is shared in Paris







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