Autonomy is more than an event, it’s a collaborative platform to build a multimodal, responsible, on-demand and shared mobility.

Autonomy is

an independent French, Paris-based company focused on changing the way we move in cities and positioning Paris at the center of the urban mobility revolution.


We focus on

the five elements disrupting mobility: Active mobility, Data analytics, Electric, Shared mobility and Autonomous vehicles.

We create events that connect innovators and policy makers to influence the way we move in cities


We work with

Major businesses shaping the new mobility market worldwide and also institutions and city networks.


Autonomy & The Urban Mobility Summit


Our flagship event where innovators, cities and urbanites gather annually to build a new mobility landscape. The first two days are dedicated to professionals and institutions (B2B – B2G) and the third day is open to public (B2C)

The 3-days event includes :

– The Urban Mobility Summit, a series of conferences, workshops and meet-ups

– A curated exhibition area where best new mobility solutions are on display

– Networking opportunities supported by a software to schedule B2B/B2G meetings

– Startup pitch sessions, press briefings, test tracks and live demos

– An opening Party to connect and celebrate the future of urban mobility

– A public day


An open-innovation project, developed with SNCF Gares & Connexions which aims to set up a test pilot of an innovative mobility hub at Gare de l’Est Paris.10 innovative companies (Uber, Nissan, Chronopost…) are involved in this project to shape the station of tomorrow.

Synergies are created between those partners, who can build a long-term partnership with SNCF and communicate their position as thought leaders on urban mobility.

The PML also gives urbanites a sneak peek of the way stations will become City Boosters in tomorrow’s Smart Cities.



When we started working on Autonomy four years ago the solution to city congestion and pollution seemed light years away. But things are now changing fast. Major cities are banning fossil-fuel vehicles. And mayors, aware of the changing mobility landscape, are now setting their sights on congestion, a crippling reality in many cities. They’ve identified single car ownership and single car driving as major obstacles to free flowing cities. The various solutions on display at Autonomy are the alternative to single car ownership. These solutions will free up valuable urban space and excite the policymakers who foresee a better future.

Autonomy gathers mobility solutions that are faster, quieter, cleaner and more fun than sitting in traffic. As an independent platform we welcome all the world’s major mobility actors and city decision-makers to discuss, experience and adopt these new solutions.

Autonomy offers a compelling program to attendees. Over 200 exhibitors are at La Grande Halle de la Villette, displaying the very latest in mobility innovation and invention. Visitors are free to speak to the innovators and try out their products on our test tracks.

But we’re not going to solve our urban mobility issues with innovative products alone. We need to shift the prevailing mind-set about how we get around in cities. Hundreds of speakers, including major mobility players, give talks as part of our conference program, The Urban Mobility Summit.

This makes Autonomy the largest independent platform shaping urban mobility.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or share feedback and ideas by emailing me at ross@autonomy.paris


Ross Douglas,

Founder and President of Autonomy


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