About the Autonomy Network

We are a team of mobility enthusiasts from around the world based in Paris and focused on one thing: How can we help our clients make the connections they need to get their mobility businesses moving?
We believe that the transition from combustion to electric will not be a simple 1 to 1 exchange of ICE to EV but a radical change in ownership and usage models, vehicle types and software services.
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This new ecosystem needs to regularly interact with each other and policy makers in order to connect and collaborate. We facilitate these interactions physically through our annual trade show, Autonomy Mobility World Expo which is now in its 8th edition and through our City Summits series which are held in European capitals. Digitally we help clients lead generate through our weekly newsletter, webinars, white papers and city reports.
We are not an event company but a pure player in the mobility space. We work with leading companies including Bosch, Toyota and BNP Paribas, are active in Paris, London and Berlin with events and have partnerships with major transport institutions and networks like Transport For London, Polis Network and Ile-de-France Mobility.

Welcome to Our Network

Our industry-leading Urban Mobility Weekly newsletter has amassed a community of 15K subscribers and we collaborate with partners to produce engaging articles, interactive webinars and insightful white papers.

Our 2-day, annual trade show.

An incomparable global event attended by key international urban mobility players and featuring 8000 visitors, 200 exhibitors, 300 speakers over two days.

One-day tailor-made conferences in leading mobility capitals like Paris, London, and Berlin, designed to bring our community together to explore how to best tackle the mobility needs of the host city. 

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Autonomous Driving Consolidation Intensifies

Autonomous Driving Consolidation Intensifies

By Marc Amblard, Managing Director, Orsay Consulting Tens of billions of dollars have been invested in autonomous driving (AD) since the early 2010s — and particularly between 2016 and 2021 — with the ambition to free human beings from driving and the promise to boost...

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