Our Head of Partnerships, Carolina Cominotti will be attending a roundtable at the conference of Urban Future 2022

Topic: How to make the greenest choice also the most convenient one?

Abstract: Whether we’re changing neighbourhoods in central or peripheral locations, when it comes to mobility, we must not rely on people’s good intentions. At any time, they will likely choose the most practical option to get around – and to many, that option is still driving their car as close as possible to where they want to go. In this session, we’re looking at new districts that have found a way to transform people’s mobility behaviour. Let’s dive into some of these experiments: What surprise lessons can we learn from nudging people towards planners’ preferred options? With thousands of new districts being developed, let’s find out just how we can make the greenest mobility option also the most convenient one.

The roundtable will be 90 minutes and it will engage the audience in the following format:

  • 10 minutes presentation from each panelist
  • 3 more presentations followed by a Q&A
  • 2 more presentations followed by a Q&A

Carolina will be discussing the culture at Autonomy, how we work with cities, latest trends from key cities and the challenges moving forward such as road safety.

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When: 02/06/2022 at 16:00

Where: D2 | Theatersale

Other Panelists:

You can see the rest of the programme here.