Welcome to the third edition of the Autonomy Weekly Summer Special. To save you time during the holiday season we bring you headlines from the industry. Relax and enjoy the emissions-free ride. 


The Autonomy Weekly Summer Special is an Urban Mobility Weekly limited edition series featuring the latest news on mobility, in an all you need to know format.

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Highlights of the Week

The London City Summit

After our highly successful Berlin City Summit in May 2022, the spotlight moves to the London City Summit, 12th of October in the Southbank Centre, overlooking the River Thames. We look forward to a unique mobility experience, focusing on Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)

Autonomy’s London City Summit gathers local actors London & Partners and the UK’s Department of International Trade with mobility innovators Bosch, Bolt, Freenow and Buro Happold, among others. The Summit will focus on how London, as an old city, can prepare for AVs and how this contrasts with cities like Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia which are new cities purpose-built for new technologies.   

Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)

  • Forecasts show that the AV industry will be worth $400 billion by 2025 as advanced economies adopt the technology. However, the question remains: how do we insure driverless vehicles given the complications of liability?  

The UK government has passed a bill outlining regulations for insuring AVs; it’s worth noting that insurance could be void if the software is not updated.

Active Mobility

Mass Transit

Smart Mobility Cities

  • Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, is testing the waters of self-driving buses by introducing a pilot on a 1.8km pre-mapped route, lowering speed limits to improve safety.
  • Prague Mayor Zdeněk Hřib wants to, « …motivate people to abandon their cars” by offering them “…more comfortable, cheap and fast public transport.« 
  • The Netherlands is building on its solid cycling reputation; Government plans to spend tens of millions of Euro in nudging more citizens into biking to work. Plans include better parking facilities and cycling support for children of low-income families.

Green Fleets

Shared Mobility

Urban Logistics





Visual Capitalist released a great infographic explaining the differences between lithium ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. It’s worth noting that the International Energy Agency estimates that the auto industry will require 30 times more minerals per year to meet global climate targets.


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