Welcome to the second edition of the Autonomy Weekly Summer Special. To save you time during the holiday season we bring you headlines from the industry. Relax and enjoy the emissions-free ride.

The Autonomy Weekly Summer Special is an Urban Mobility Weekly limited edition series featuring the latest news on mobility, in an all you need to know format.

Highlights of the Week

Uber Under Kalanick🔥

One of the biggest headlines this week deals with the international investigation into Uber’s business under its co-founder Travis Kalanick. Reports suggest that under Kalanick Uber  had a ‘kill switch’ to obstruct justice, that they exploited the French taxi protests, and did a secret deal with Macron while he was the Minister of the Economy.

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Macron’s opposition in France is already capitalising on this narrative by claiming he is against workers’ rights.

Thankfully, current CEO Khosrowshahi cleaned up after Kalanick. Regardless, Uber was instrumental in breaking the close relationship between city authorities and taxi fleets; which once would have seemed like an impossible undertaking. 

We pose the question: was it worth the illegal actions of Uber to break up the taxi monopolies?

Welcoming Driverless Machines🤖

Shenzhen, China, is in the headlines for green lighting fully autonomous vehicles on certain roads designated by the traffic management department. The measures, which remove all human oversight over these AVs, take effect on August 1st.

To feed this demand, Mercedes teams up with Tencent Cloud Computing to develop AVs for the Chinese market.

Europe is not far behind. Last week, the European Commission applied the new Vehicle General Safety Regulation throughout the EU. This Framework is aimed at improving road safety and providing clarity on driverless vehicles.

Margrethe Vestager, Executive VP of the EU, and driving force behind the EU’s political priority Europe Fit for the Digital Age said, « Technology helps us to increase the level of safety of our cars. The new advanced and mandatory safety features will further help reduce the number of casualties. Today, we are also making sure that our rules enable us to safely introduce autonomous and driverless vehicles in the EU in a framework that puts the safety of people at the centre.”

Turkish bus manufacturer Karsan and the Norwegian transport authority, Kolumbus, have reached level 4 autonomy on the public roads of Stravanger, which is in south-western Norway.

Policymakers might be ready for these vehicles, but this pedestrian certainly isn’t

Speaking of AVs… our next event, The London City Summit is all about preparing new & old cities For AVs.

  • Save the date📅:The 12th of October
  • Where?🗺️ Purcell Room in the Southbank Centre

Active Mobility🚲

Mass Transit🚆

Smart Mobility Cities 🏢

BVG’s subsidiary Jelbi discussed the implementation of Mobility Hubas during our Berlin City Summit. You can check it out above.

Green Fleets

Shared Mobility

Urban Logistics

  • Stratio, a software company specialising in AI and machine learning models, has signed a framework agreement with Keolis to enable predictive fleet maintenance and remote diagnostics across its fleet, which operates in 14 countries.

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