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Jennifer Schwarz

EcoMotion - Global Smart Mobility Community

Executive Director


Jennifer Schwarz has worked at the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership development and community impact across private, public and NGO sectors. Jennifer is the Executive Director of EcoMotion, a global smart mobility community based in Tel Aviv Israel, comprised of over 650 startups and 15,000 community members. It is a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute (NGO) alongside Israel's Ministry of Transport and Road Safety and the Ministry of Economy and Industry. EcoMotion creates a platform for startups to connect with other community members such as global industry, entrepreneurs, academy, government, investors and more in the field of smart mobility, in order to collaborate and advance smart mobility. Jennifer holds an MSc in Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics & Political Science and a B.S in Environmental Policy & International Development from the University of Maryland. Born and raised in Maryland, USA, she has also lived and worked in Thailand, India, England and Israel.