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Noah Gedrimas

GPR Ground Positioning Radar

Vice President of Strategy


Noah Gedrimas, the Vice President of Strategy at GPR, is a visionary leader at the forefront of reshaping what’s possible in autonomous technology. At GPR, Noah spearheads the company’s commercial strategy and partnerships, bridging the gap between technology and autonomous vehicle adoption and demands. His expertise comes from years of research and development on platforms including everything from Long Haul trucks to Electric Shuttles, from the development of the groundbreaking Ground Positioning Radar™ (GPR) technology, which enables vehicles to achieve precise localization even in the most challenging conditions. Before becoming Vice President of Strategy, Noah held the position of Director of Autonomy, where he was instrumental in the development of the GPR technology and commercial roadmap. Prior to his tenure at GPR, he led a distinguished team at Continental Automotive, contributing to the development of multiple autonomous vehicles across diverse Operational Design Domains. Noah Gedrimas is an innovator whose relentless pursuit of excellence continues to drive the evolution of autonomous driving technology. He enjoys discussions on all things autonomous, automotive, robotics, and transportation.

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