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Corey Clothier




Corey is an automated mobility strategist, global thought leader, and innovator who is focused on commercialization strategies for the future of mobility and AV systems. He has more than 14 years of product and business development experience in autonomous vehicles, and he has led product development and deployment strategy for startups, auto OEMs, defense, transit companies, major cities, insurance companies, and global entertainment companies. Corey's main goal and passion is building AV programs and partnerships. This is why he founded Stantec's GenerationAV in 2020, and has worked with 25 AV companies on over 50 projects. His work ranges from grocery delivery pilots to testing emerging technologies at airports, transit integration to military applications, and everything in between. He is actively reshaping mobility within our communities. Corey is the current Chair of ITS America's Standing Advisory Committee on Automated Vehicles, where he works with other industry leaders to globally advance the creation of AV best practices. He also co-developed the US Army's Applied Robotics for Installation and Base Operations program, and has just resurrected ARIBO to drive collaboration for autonomous vehicle development and deployment.

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