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Ksenia Duarte


CEO & Co-founder


EX9 is a startup, created in 2021 by Ksenia Duarte and Enzo Salvatore, whose mission is to facilitate the deployment of autonomous vehicles on logistics and industrial sites (warehouses, multimodal terminals, manufacturing sites, storage and redistribution areas). The goal? Reduce the drudgery of outdoor work, accident risks and carbon impact, while improving the performance of the global supply chain and increasing productivity. Imagine how time-consuming and accidental it is to get in and out of the cabin to handle the hang-up operations 50 times a day? With our automated transport solution, instead of site staff managing cross-docking and preloading, performing movement manoeuvres of hundreds of trailers daily, with high risk of accidents, you will use independent robots, profitable and environmentally friendly that will handle the movements of trailers/containers.

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