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Tu-Tho Thai


Project Manager & Expert Contributor


Tu-Tho manages and contributes to ITxPT projects while working on extending and nurturing its community within the Transmodel ecosystem. Leveraging her mobility data expertise and her past life as an expatriate in Southeast Asia, she actively contributes to implementing interoperability for all by building bridges, finding consensus, and creating convergence between different sectors of the mobility industry, their specifications, and standards. She holds a double master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Development. Learning from over a decade spent as a serial entrepreneur, she is best described as a hands-on problem solver and do-er. After a recent pivot to public affairs, she has acquired the reputation of being a well-rounded professional. She is passionate about making the world a better place to live by leaning on new technologies and community inclusion. And she strongly believes that the future must be written globally with all learning from each other.

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