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Emma Stubbe

Dutch Cycling Embassay

Project Coordinator


Having lived in six cities in four countries so far, Emma has first hand experience of different approaches to cycling infrastructure and cycling culture. With an academic background in Philosophy and International Relations, and a passion for cycling as sport and sustainable, socially beneficial transport, Emma is dedicated to forging connections that lead to international cooperation in the field of cycling infrastructure, as well as more theoretical issues of equality, inclusivity, cities of the future and climate adaptation. Following an internship at the Dutch Cycling Embassy in 2021, Emma completed a Master’s thesis on the impact of cycling diplomacy on states’ soft power in collaboration with the DCE. As Project Coordinator at the DCE, Emma connects demand for cycling-inclusive mobility from abroad, particularly from Spanish-, French- and German-speaking countries, with Dutch knowledge and expertise. She is looking forward to exploring more of the world by bike!

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