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Timothy Papandreou

ETA Advisors

CEO and Founder


Timothy is a visionary leader and pragmatic futurist known for his deep expertise in policy, emerging technology, and strategic operations. With a diverse background spanning AI ecosystems, supply chains, moonshots, and smart cities, he is dedicated to shaping the future of life and work on Earth and beyond. As a renowned expert systems thinker and global thought leader, Timothy's insights are regularly featured in Forbes, where he offers audiences a glimpse into the future he is co-creating. As the Founder and CEO of ETA Advisors, Timothy guides investors, companies, startups, and governments through the complexities of the emerging technology landscape. His influential role at X, the Moonshot Factory, underlines his commitment to AI-enabled innovations, robotics, and beyond. Timothy's mentorship extends to 11.2 Venture Builder Studio, where he supports fintech, supply chain, logistics, health, and regenerative agriculture startups. A Senior Partner at Monaco Foundry, Timothy plays a crucial role in enhancing the success rates of emerging technology startups. His advisory expertise covers smart city development, blockchain, Web3, digital twins, energy, and space technology, bringing invaluable insights from Silicon Valley to a global audience. Previously, Timothy led strategic partnerships at X Moonshot Factory, contributing significantly to the commercialization of Waymo, the pioneering AI-powered autonomous vehicle technology. His earlier roles include serving as the world's first Chief Innovation Officer for a transport agency in San Francisco, where he spearheaded innovative urban development and smart city policies. Timothy's ability to conceive moonshots and deliver innovation, combined with his talent for making complex information accessible and engaging, makes him a sought-after speaker at prestigious global forums. His contributions to technology, policy, and innovation have made him a pivotal figure in driving forward the boundaries of what's possible.

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