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Marnix Kwant

Van Raam

Director, Business Development


Marnix Kwant was the Manager of Sales and Marketing at Van Raam for 13 years, and from January 2024 the Director of Business development. As a member of the management team, he is responsible for developing and exploring new markets, products, and services for Van Raam. Additionally, he acts as an "ambassador" for Van Raam in strategic relationships and partnerships. Van Raam is a manufacturer of unique custom bicycles. They aim to contribute to the integration of people with disabilities into society. That's why they offer these individuals a sustainable form of modern mobility. With innovative and modern production techniques, they produce custom bicycles with a team of over 300 people. Van Raam places great importance on quality and sustainability. Therefore, they adhere to a circular and sustainable policy. Van Raam is a global market leader in the segment of adapted bicycles.

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