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Guided by a commitment to sustainability, wikimove is revolutionizing urban mobility by equipping cities with a transformative Mobility Manager. This innovative platform weaves Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values into the fabric of urban transport, creating seamless, sustainable journeys for citizens. wikimove stands at the forefront of the mobility transformation, partnering with cities to navigate the shift towards Mobility as a Service (MaaS). At its core, wikimove is a cross-regional, city-centric platform that orchestrates a harmonious blend of public and private transportation services. By leveraging data and technology, it adapts seamlessly to local conditions, offering a comprehensive, unified mobility solution. The wikimove Mobility APP epitomizes this approach, providing a holistic, intermodal experience for users across regions. The platform’s strength lies in its open standards, ensuring compatibility and facilitating collaboration between cities and mobility providers. This enables cities to gain valuable insights, tailor mobility packages, and promote equitable access to transportation. Moreover, companies and event venues can leverage wikimove for efficient mobility management, from employee transit to event logistics. What distinguishes wikimove in the MaaS landscape is its city-operated model, prioritizing social equity and environmental objectives over profit. Cities can influence mobility choices based on environmental impact, gaining a comprehensive view of mobility patterns, emissions, and service utilization. This insight is crucial for strategic planning, simulation, and operation of urban mobility with a focus on community and environmental well-being. Embracing an Open Source (Open Core) philosophy, wikimove lowers entry barriers, especially for smaller cities. Its compatibility with other MaaS solutions places cities in control of the mobility transition. The platform's modularity and customizability merge the benefits of bespoke solutions with the affordability of open-source software, offering a scalable, sustainable urban mobility solution. In essence, wikimove transcends traditional for-profit mobility models. It's a movement towards a future where urban mobility is sustainable, equitable, and city-driven, redefining the way we navigate our urban landscapes. Through collaboration, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to the environment and society, wikimove is not just a platform but a catalyst for a greener, more connected world.

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