Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2024


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Shared & Public Transport & MaaS, Ticketing & Payments

Title of the application

CabiBUS autonomous electric vehicle for safe shared mobility in individual cabins and also sustainable last miles deliveries with parcel cabins.

Summary of the application

Cities around the world wants to reduce the number of cars on the streets, resulting in less congestions and pollution. The best way is to offer a public transport that is so attractive so that car users wants to change their mobility behaviour to shared mobility. To do that, CabiBUS provides comfortable, efficient, economic, safe and secure trips door-to-door, on-demand in private cabins. Using CabiBUS also for shared e-commerce deliveries completes its unique advantages.

Keywords associated to the application

Autonomous, electric, privacy, sustainable, on-demand, safe shared, economic, cabins,

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