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Shared & Public Transport & MaaS, Ticketing & Payments

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Security, Inventory & Maintenance of shared e-bike fleets

Summary of the application

W7C from Connected Cycle tackles Europe's rampant bike theft issue and offers inventory and predictive maintenance with an innovative suite of services dedicated to shared bike’s fleet managers. Integrating seamlessly with e-bikes, it offers anti-theft measures, predictive maintenance, and advanced functionalities with innovative patented geo-location, geo-fencing, immobilization, CANBus readings. Supported by the Ile de France Region Innov'UP grant, W7C signifies a paradigm shift in e-bike fleet management.

Keywords associated to the application

Anti-theft,Predictive Maintenance,Inventory,Shared Bike Fleet Management,Geo-location,Immobilization,remote lock,CANBus,E-bike Integration

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