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Karos Mobility

Name of the organization

Karos Mobility




Shared & Public Transport & MaaS, Ticketing & Payments

Title of the application

Deployment of a carpooling network for daily trips integrated with public transport: Lyon case study

Summary of the application

Karos elevates mobility in Greater Lyon, offering a carpooling service that's woven into the local transport fabric, catering specifically to rural and peri-urban areas. Partnering with the region's major employers since March 2023, we've achieved over 100K rides and cut CO2 emissions by more than 133 tons.

Keywords associated to the application

Intermodality, Carpooling, Urban Mobility, Sustainable Transport, Public Transport Integration, Environmental Impact, Efficient Commuting, Collaborative Solutions, Eco-Friendly Travel, Community Engagement, Traffic Reduction, AI Technology, Smart Cities, Accessibility, Local Authority Partnership, Innovative Transportation, Green Commuting, Subsidiary Collaboration, Public-Private Synergy, City Transformation

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