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Cornelius Kiermasch

Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH

Head of Shared Mobility


After its M.A. in Sustainability Economics & Management Cornelius Kiermasch has worked in the car-sharing industry at car2go (ShareNow) and electric mobility field at Daimler / Mercedes. In 2019 Cornelius became Head of Shared Mobility at Deutsche Bahn (DB) for the bike-sharing business Call a Bike and the car-sharing business Flinkster. Call a Bike and Flinkster are two of the largest bike-sharing and station-based car-sharing services in Germany, and among the major sharing services in Europe. Cornelius and his team are currently working on the integration of Call a Bike and Flinkster into the new DB Navigator, which is the key mobility app in Germany, as well as other MaaS apps to enable smooth digital integration of the first and last mile for customers.

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