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Ferdinand Burgersdijk (FRCB B.V.)



Experienced enthusiast and expert helping the mobility industry to understand the benefits of digitalisation, and the technology industry how to support this in an compliant fashion: contributing to international platforms like UITP, STA (Smart Ticketing Alliance), MaaS Alliance, International Transport Forum; leading (inter) national projects on MaaS, cross border multimodal ticketing and trusted data sharing; liaising digit(al)isation projects to organisations like NAPcore, ITxPT, DSSC, IDSA, MyData,, iShare, EMTA and POLIS in the European Data Space for Mobility. My experience allows to me to get to heart of the matter, swiftly. Providing objective insights, identifying blind spots and thinking out-of-the box. Not being tied to your company's history or internal politics, I bring a fresh and unbiased perspective. Devising a strategy tailored to your goals, with respect for your organisation’s place and role in the ecosystem, the level of digital maturity and its culture.

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