Autonomy Mobility World Expo 2023


Huub Hoenjet

Amsterdam Vervoerregio

Mobility Researcher


Huub Hoenjet is a mobility researcher for the Transport Authority for the Amsterdam Region since 2020. "I have a great passion for everything regarding mobility, especially in big urban regions. My job consists of developing data driven solutions to the challenges posed by the complex mobility system of the region of Amsterdam. This means analyzing data, developing tools and making the results understandable for colleagues working on infrastructure projects. Since the start of my tenure in 2020 we’ve worked on the theme of an inclusive and accessible mobility system, which is an important pillar of our broader mobility policy. In the Netherlands we have an incredibly extensive database with all public transit stops, called the Central Transit Stop Database. It helps us identifying weak spots in our network, but we are still facing challenges regarding accuracy and accountability. The coming year we are hoping to make big steps in effectively making the network more accessible for as many riders as possible."